Master Candidates

Tina Nagorzanski

 "Vocal communication in cheetah"

Supervisor: Angela Stöger-Horwath

Julia Grabner

"Group Personality and Social Communication in Marmosets"

Supervisor: Thomas Bugnyar

Cornelia Habl

"The influence of play behaviour on functional tool selection in Goffin's cockatoos (Cacatua goffiniana)"

Supervisors: Thomas Bugnyar, Alice Auersperg

Alina Gaugg

"Vocal communication in pinnipeds"

Supervisor: Tecumseh Fitch

Isabella Beinhauer

"Prospective but not retrospective tool selection in Goffin’s cockatoos (Cacatua goffiniana)"

Supervisor: Thomas Bugnyar, Alice Auersperg

Johannes Gschwandegger

"Emotional contagion in common marmosets"

Supervisors: Thomas Bugnyar und Sonja Koski

Christina Graf

"Does personality predict training success in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)?"

Supervisors: Vedrana Slipogor, Thomas Bugnyar

Selin Ersoy

"Parent-offspring interaction in Common Ravens"

Supervisor: Thomas Bugnyar

Niklas Hungerländer

"Prosociality in children"

Supervisors: Dr. Jorg Massen, Dr. Lisa Horn, Prof. Thomas Bugnyar

Lisa Bauer

"Socio-cognition in azure-winged magpies"

Supervisor: Dr. Jorg Massen

Benjamin Spurny

"Socio-cognition in ravens"

Supervisor: Dr. Jorg Massen

Kenji Haas

"Partner choice in raven cooperation"

Supervisors: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Jorg Massen

Carina Filipp

"Innovation in wild song birds"

Supervisors: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Christine Schwab

Natalie Oswald

"Object play in parrots"

Supervisors: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Alice Auersperg

Pauliina Järvinen

"Personality patterns in wild ravens"

Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar

Stefan Weber

"Inhibition control in keas"

Supervisors: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Mareike Stöwe

Theresa Matzinger

"Problem solving and tool-use in corvids"

Supervisors: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Alice Auersperg