PhD Candidates

Jessie Adriaense

Project title: " An interdisciplinary investigation of the ultimate and proximate causes of empathy"

Anton Baotic

Mammal Communication Lab

Sarah Deventer

DK "Cognition and Communication"

Mario Gallego-Abenza

Project: FWF P29705-B29 "Social Dynamics und Cognition in wild Ravens"

Kim Kortekaas

DK "Cognition and Communication"

Project: "Social physiology of wolves and dogs during a simulated hunt."

Isabelle Laumer

Goffin Lab

Raffaela Lesch MSc.

Project: “Tame Voices: The Impact of Human Selection on the Vocalization and Larynx of Domesticated Animals”

Clémentine Mitoyen, MSc.

Project: “Decoding the value of courtship signals by integrated audio-visual analysis”



Daniel C. McBride Mann

Ernst Mach Grant (Worldwide) 2016-2017, Project: “The Sonority Sequencing Principle and Budgerigars”

Research Fellow


Supervisor: Dr. Marisa Hoeschele

PI: Prof. W. Tecumseh Fitch

Alex Munteanu

DK "Cognition and Communication"

Project: "The emotional basis of raven social relations"

Jinook Oh

IT-Manager Haidlhof; Doctoral candidate

"Semi-automatic tools for animal experiments, Visual perception of common marmoset monkeys on real object and digital images”

Camilo Rodríguez

DK "Cognition & Communication 2"

Iris Schöberl

Associated DK "Cognition and Communication"

Project: "Factors affecting stress coping in human-dog dyads"
within FWF-Project: "Factors affecting human-dog relationships"

Vedrana Slipogor

Marmoset Lab Manager

Uni:docs Fellowship (2014), project: “INDIVIDUUM: Integrative Approach to the Study of Individual Differences in Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)”
Ernst Mach Grant Worldwide (2013), project: “Proximate Mechanisms of Personality Traits in Common Marmosets“

Iris Starnberger

Associated DK "Cognition and Communication"

Project: FWF P25612 "The role of the vocal sac in multimodal signaling - an integrative study on African reed frogs"
Supervisors: Walter Hödl, Thomas Bugnyar, Marc Sztatecsny

Martina Stocker

Project: “A hormonal perspective on cooperative behaviour: A comparative approach" within FWF project P26806: “The evolution of pro-social concern”

Georgine Szipl

Associated DK "Cognition and Communication"

Project: "Social relationships and acoustic communication in free-ranging Common Ravens (Corvus corax)"