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Prof. Tecumseh Fitch, Priv.Doz. Dr. Angela Stöger-Horwath, Prof. Thomas Bugnyar and Stephan Reber PhD in a Ö1 radio broadcast about the evolution of...


"Negative emotional contagion and cognitive bias in common ravens (Corvus corax)"


Jessie E. C. Adriaense, Jordan S. Martin, Martina Schiestl, Claus...


Post doc position available

At the University of Vienna (15 faculties, 3 centres, about 188 fields of study, approx. 9.400 members of staff, more than 90.000 students) the...


Wir freuen uns, dass wir Teil des "BE OPEN - Science & Society Festival" des FWF vom 8.-12. September 2018 am Maria Theresienplatz in Wien sein...


TICS Special Issue: Time in the Brain

"The Evolution of Rhythm Processing"

S.A.Kotz; A.Ravignani; W.T.Fitch




Munia and Rufus, two CogBio ravens from Haidlhof Research Station have successfully been relocated to the brand new raven aviary of the Zoo Vienna.

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