Clémentine Mitoyen, MSc.

Project: “Decoding the value of courtship signals by integrated audio-visual analysis”


My PhD project focuses on sexual selection of behavioural traits and I am especially interested in the functional value of male courtship. By using the ring dove (Streptopelia risoria) as a model species, I want to understand how the different features of the courtship (visual and auditory components) are integrated into a composite multisensory signal and how they are evaluated by the females.

I am using audio and video recordings of interactions between females and males as well as playback tests with manipulated audio-video stimuli to investigate how variation in postural and vocal features of males affect females response and if they reflect male overall quality.    



Calcagno V*, Mitoyen C*, Audiot P, Ponsard S, Gao GZ, Lu ZZ, Wang ZY, He KL, Bourguet D (2017) Parallel evolution of behaviour during independent host-shifts following maize introduction into Asia and Europe. Evolutionary Applications. (*Joint first authors)

Mitoyen, C., Quigley, C., Fusani, L. Evolution and function of multimodal courtship display. (2019) Ethology.