Jessie Adriaense, MSc


With a master degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Ghent (BE), a strong interest for social cognition topics (f.e. Master thesis on linguistic imitation and prosocial behavior) and experience in both behavioral and neuroscientific studies with humans and animals (f.e. Empathy for pain with a rodent model - Erasmus Internship at the Neuroscience Institute, the Social Brain Lab in Amsterdam), Jessie decided to do research as a PhD student at the University of Vienna.

Her research focuses on empathy as the main topic of investigation and follows an interdisciplinary approach in which she combines experiments in social neuroscience, at the Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience unit under guidance of Prof. Claus Lamm, with experiments in cognitive biology (common ravens), at the Cognitive Biology department under guidance of Prof. Thomas Bugnyar.