Jinook Oh, MSc

E-mail: jinook.oh@univie.ac.at

Supervisor: W.T. Fitch

Research interests: Animal computer interaction including automation in animal experiments and applied machine intelligence for animals.


Oh, J., Hoeschele, M., Reber, S. A., Slipogor, V., Bugnyar, T., & Fitch, W. T. (submitted). Technological animal head turning experiment: a case study using common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus). Behavior research methods.

Oh, J., Hofer, R., & Fitch, W. T. (in press). An open source automatic feeder for animal experiments. HardwareX.

Oh, J., & Fitch, W. T. (2016). CATOS (Computer Aided Training/Observing System): Automating animal observation and training. Behavior research methods, 1-11.

Herbst, C. T., Oh, J., Vydrová, J., & Švec, J. G. (2015). DigitalVHI-a freeware open-source software application to capture the Voice Handicap Index and other questionnaire data in various languages. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 40(2), 72-76.

Westphal-Fitch, G., Oh, J., & Fitch, W. (2013). Studying aesthetics with the method of production: Effects of context and local symmetry. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 7(1), 13.

Martins, M. J., Fischmeister, F. P., Puig-Waldmueller, E., Oh, J., Geißler, A., Robinson, S., ... & Beisteiner, R. (2014). Fractal image perception provides novel insights into hierarchical cognition. NeuroImage, 96, 300-308.

Martins, M. D. J. D., Muršič, Z., Oh, J., & Fitch, W. T. (2015). Representing visual recursion does not require verbal or motor resources. Cognitive psychology, 77, 20-41.