Vedrana Slipogor, MSc


After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from University of Zagreb (Croatia), doing an internship at the Station for Experimental Ecology of the CNRS in Moulis (France), an Erasmus study mobility and internship at the University of Vienna, Vedrana Šlipogor received her master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Zagreb (Croatia). In 2013 she was awarded with Ernst Mach Grant Worldwide by the OeAD-GmbH for a 9-month research project on proximate basis of personality traits in Prof. Bugnyar’s group (University of Vienna). In 2014 she received Uni:docs fellowship to perform doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof. Thomas Bugnyar at the Department of Cognitive Biology.

Šlipogor is broadly interested in multiple topics in animal (social) cognition, behaviour and physiology. In her PhD project she will pursue an integrative approach to the study of animal personality, using common marmosets as a model system. Conceptually, she aims to evaluate different methods in studying personality in non-human primates; empirically, she aims to i) combine behavioural and physiological parameters of individual differences, ii) investigate social and non-social personality traits in different social settings and iii) test for possible effects of personality traits on social learning.


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*shared first authorship