Anton Baotic, PhD


I have been always fascinated by animal vocalizations. However, animal acoustic communication is not directly comparable with human speech. At this point, bioacoustics becomes an outstanding research discipline for gaining knowledge and understanding of communication processes in animals, and participating in various animal acoustic research projects has definitely reinforced my interest in the fields of bioacoustics and animal behavior.

I received my master’s degree in Zoology from the University of Vienna in 2011. My research interests largely focus on vocal production mechanisms and acoustic communication in mammals by investigating acoustic characteristics and components in vocalizations to determine their biological relevance according to their contextual occurrence, such as in social and reproductive contexts. I am further interested in characterizing call structure transformations during vocal and perceptual development and in understanding the importance of vocal expression for inducing and maintaining maternal care.

Currently, I am working with different animal species, such as African elephants (FWF P26448), Tasmanian devils, Giant pandas and Giraffes at the Mammal Communication Lab.


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