Science Education and Beyond: Citizen Science in Primary School Potentially Affects Conceptual Learning and Socio-emotional Development

Katharina Hirschenhauser, Didone Frigerio, Brigitte Neuböck-Hubinger

“Citizen Science - Methods, Approaches and New Perspectives” intends to give a comprehensive account of theoretical and practical aspects of Public Participation in Scientific Research. In recent years, citizen science has been rapidly expanding worldwide. This book will cover several important topics in Citizen science. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: public understanding of science, government policies, crowdsourcing, open Science, science-society relationship, citizen science monitoring programmes, and case studies in public engagement in scientific research. It will interest a wide range of readers, including policymakers, volunteers, scientists, specialists, and students involved in citizen science projects research or who would like to design and lead their own projects. The relationship between science and the public is central to the constitution of contemporary societies. In an era when pressing environmental issues, cooperation across science and society is crucial, and this book will present a collaborative analysis by experts from different academic fields.

Department für Verhaltens- und Kognitionsbiologie, Core Facility KLF für Verhaltens- und Kognitionsbiologie
Ch. 1
ÖFOS 2012
106051 Verhaltensbiologie
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