30 Keas and 15 Ravens had been brought to the  Haidlhof Research Station from two Konrad-Lorenz-Stations at Vienna and Upper Austria. The goal is to create a focus of research excellence that can grow in the coming years.

The work group of the three professors creates an impressive science cluster:

Thomas Bugnyar is an expert in the field of social cognition. He was the first scientist to study cognitive skills both in field and under lab conditions. He is professor at the Department of Cognitive Biology and studies the understanding and use of social relations and cooperation amongst ravens.

W. Tecumseh Fitch is professor and head of the Department of Cognitive Biology. His main focus is set on the fields of both human and animal biolinguistics, bioaccoustics and bio-musicology.

Ludwig Huber, professor at the Messerli Foundation (Interdisciplinary Institute of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, the Medical University Vienna and the University of Vienna), has for over 20 years been connecting comparative cognitive science, evolutionary epistemology, psychology of learning and ethology. His experimental work includes cognitive studies on tortoises, archerfish, pigeons, keas, canines, marmosets and capuchin monkeys.